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Friday Media/Art Mix

Someone with eagle eyes or a good memory, will notice that a few weeks ago, two Friday Media/Art mixes showed up. Well, one of them was supposed to be here! I got my scheduling messed up. But I'm going to go ahead and publish it again where it was supposed to be.)

This week in Acts we saw how change came to the new church as it grew. And as we move into Lent, change is our call. We are called to change our hearts toward repentance, and to change our perceptions of who is on the margins and who is blessed.

In addition, we are moving now into our Lenten Devotions, "Life on the Margins." When Jesus encountered those who lived on the margins, their lives were changed. As followers of Jesus, we might always ask ourselves what our role is in helping to bring about change in the lives of those who are often left out, forgotten, or struggling.

A perfect song to hear then this Friday is Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come," a song he wrote after he and his entourage were prevented from staying in a whites-only hotel in Louisiana. It is considered one of the greatest songs ever recorded and remains an important piece of music to remind us that there is still work to be done for those living on the margins due to their race.

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