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Housing the Holy: How Much is Enough? (Joy)

The inheritance of the tribe of Simeon formed part of the territory of Judah; because the portion of the tribe of Judah was too large for them, the tribe of Simeon obtained an inheritance within their inheritance. ~ Joshua 19:9

How much is enough?

For the tribe of Judah, enough meant that their "extra" went to the tribe of Simeon.

We aren't told what portion went to Simeon. Certainly where land is involved, there are good options, and not as good options.

So how do we share our "extra?"

Do we take it off the top? Or do we go through the good stuff and give what we don't need or want?

When we give to a food bank, are we taking from the back of our pantry, or are we going to the grocery store and getting the very best?

There truly is joy in giving. Joy in knowing that you've given the best.

Because there is joy also in knowing that you've been given the very best. You were created by the very best. You are loved by the very best.

Generous and gracious God, open up the doors of joy and teach us to share it far and wide. Amen

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