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Housing the Holy: Making Room (Hope)

For the needy shall not always be forgotten,

nor the hope of the poor perish forever. ~ Psalm 9:18

It can feel like too much when you think of all the ways in which so many in the world suffer.

I spoke with a friend of mine from high school recently. We disagreed on some points about how to help those in need, but one of the things we both agreed on was that churches have a mission - a clear one - to help alleviate suffering.

To put a priority on helping the poor.

And because there is so much pain and suffering around us, that can feel like a daunting task.

But each step - even small ones - when paired together can make monumental changes.

We think of Lent as a time of giving things up. What about making Advent a time of giving things back? Of taking those steps to alleviate the pain of others?

All the churches of my acquaintance - including my own - do their part, but what are the things you yourself are being called to do? What is one way you can help alleviate the burden of someone in need?

Generous and gracious God, open the doors of our hearts to make room for your Spirit of hope to bloom in our lives. Amen

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