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Stirring the pot

The same thing occurred in Iconium, where Paul and Barnabas went into the Jewish synagogue and spoke in such a way that a great number of both Jews and Greeks became believers. But the unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned their minds against the brothers. ~ Acts 14:1-2

Paul and Barnabas weren't toeing the company line.

Happens sometimes in a community of faith, whether large or small.

There's a certain way to be. Certain way to believe.

There's orthodoxy. There's heterodoxy.

And when someone comes along and say something you don't agree with...well, that can stir the pot.

Churches are made up of people who don't agree on everything. Don't agree how to lead. How to worship. How to read scripture. How to believe. How to pray. How to plan for the future. How to view the past. Who gets to join. Who should come. Who should go.

And oftentimes, these issues don't lead to huge division.

But sometimes they do.

The Jews who poisoned the Gentile minds against Paul and Barnabas were people of faith. And many of them of good faith, as in they truly felt they were correct in what they we doing and what they believed.

They couldn't see the larger picture - the larger view - that Paul and Barnabas offered. Why they couldn't see it is between them and God.

Sometimes our attachment to our views and beliefs becomes so entrenched that we also can't see a larger view that God is offering.

And admittedly, sometimes the view being offered may not be of God.

But before we stir the pot, a place to begin with is wonder and trust that God will help us discern and love, even in the midst of our certainty.

The opposite of faith after all, isn't doubt.

It's certainty.

If we are certain of something, there's little room for faith to grow.

Lord, save me from my certainty and help me to have faith in your dream for the world. Amen.

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